Hart's Rucksack

The Contents of Hart's Rucksack

What does a single guy like Hart Emile carry in his ruck sack? Any girl will know the contents of your bag reveal the details of your life, so read on to find out the secrets he keeps hidden...

Anti Stress Shower Gel

We guess working for Bay could make anyone stressed out! Now we know where Hart gets that lovely fresh woodland pine scent from .... shower gel? And we thought it was because he was a lover of the pine  tree! 

Cargo Shorts

Set to chill out, our friend Hart keeps these screwed up in his kit bag until the sun is out. We are pretty sure he'd wear this pair to Bay's summer barbecue coming up in the next story Cotton Candy.


No man would be without sounds and Hart adores listening to music on his travels. Between us, he's a sneaky fan of dance music, and he knows all the moves but shh.... don't tell the other cowboys!

Spare Spurs

No cowboy knows when he'll need an extra pair to go with his boots. The faithful set of spurs were given to him by his mom on his sixteenth birthday and he always keeps them close by. 

Dirty Washing

Not unlike other Cowboy's, Hart's rucksack hides a multitude of sins. If Mr. Bay Redman saw that pile of pants he'd have something to say about it! 

Beat Up Shoes

What's this? Dirty old canvas shoes with a hole in just incase he loses his cowboy boots? Hart, isn't it about time you threw those in the trash?

Calvin Klein Boxers

No man is safe without his boxers and this pair seem to be the only one in the rucksack. We hope they're clean.


Hart obviously likes things a bit slippery and we found this right at the bottom of the bag. 

One Condom

This is either a sign that things have been good, or maybe not so good. We checked the date and it hasn't been in there since the 1990's so that's good! 


If Hart has too many pairs of jeans in the wash, he'd have to wear his chaps without pants and that would be drafty for him to have his butt hanging out.

One Dollar

One dollar? Hart, you'll be needing more than that if you're planning on taking Oak somewhere special for his nineteenth birthday. Maybe you should ask Bay for a raise?

Wild Rag

So Hart, your favourite colour is blue and you've made no exception for your wild rag. We're sure it'll keep your neck warm in winter.


Being quite the meterosexual cowboy, Hart likes to keep his skin smooth for kisses with the lovely Oak. Clinique? By the looks of it you like quality too, no wonder you only have a dollar!


Bedroll, which Hart probably won't require often because life in the cabin at the Red Fox is going to be cosy. 

Razor and Shave Gel

Our cowboy is usually a bit stubbly, but this is evidence Hart does take a blade to his manly facial hair now and again!