Oak's ipad Diary

Wed 1st April

This lunchtime the most exciting thing happened. A new guy started at the ranch. He’s called Hart and he’s so hot—tall, handsome, athletic. Kristen thought it was funny to tease me after I met him. She noticed I liked Hart when we spoke on the porch. Oh, I hope I didn’t make it obvious to him! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t take my gaze off of his full lips and soft brown hair. Just the shake of his hand made me shiver, and heat almost burned into me when we touched. 

Those smoky grey eyes were undressing me right there on the porch. But my dad had to drag him off to show him around the ranch. Apparently he’s a carpenter and a mechanic. He can come and fix my engine anytime. I can’t wait to get close to smell that sweaty body covered in engine grease. My camera can’t wait to take pictures of the man either. 

I want my first time to be with him, maybe before my nineteenth birthday later this year. I know he’d take good care of me. His handshake was firm but gentle, as if he knows what I need and how I need it. It’s times like these I wish I was one of the cowboys in living in the bunkhouse. It’d be just like this… 

Hart would have gotten up early and in the half-light made his way into the shower. Everyone else would be asleep and I’d sneak out of my bunk and join him. Hart’d turn to face me a bit startled at having company first thing. I’d loop my arms around his strong back and stroke the solid muscle there. Sweeping my fingertips down the curve of his spine would make him shiver beneath my touch. Both my hands would cup the globes of his fleshy, tight butt. He’d rock his hard cock against my belly, with the water pouring between our hot bodies, as our lengths lave together. 

Hart’s mouth would meet my own, his lips full and deep red, that feel like silk against my own. Tentatively his tongue enters my willing mouth and tangles with mine. My hands squeeze his buttocks tight, pulling him closer. Hart’s grip on my back is comforting, loving and trembling with need. 

I’d reach down between us and take his ample cock into my palm, pleasuring him gently in long slow sweeps. The friction between us drags tantalisingly against my aching length and sac, edging me towards climax. 

Before I spill my seed, Hart tells me to turn and face the wall with my legs parted for him. With hands trembling, I brace myself against the cold, slippery tiles, my wanton ass jutting backwards and begging to be fucked. Butterfly kisses meet the sensitive skin on my neck, my prick twitches in response and I glance downwards to see the swollen head eagerly weeping in anticipation. 

Hart’s substantial length, warm and solid, rubs between the cleft of my cheeks and I know I’m in for the best time. Will it feel good or sting or hurt? Whatever happens Hart will take good care of me. I trust him. I love him … 

NB: The scene above does not appear in the book, which is written in the third person. To find out what happens between Hart and Oak at the ranch read Enticing Hart and download it now.