Texan Hospitality

Crewe is a sleepy town in deepest Texas, with not much going on except for ranching. And the cowboys are happy for it to stay that way. But the wedding of Buddy Jackson Junior shakes things up, bringing people to town, either for the first time or for a return visit. As their comfortable lives are turned upside down, Crewe’s residents begin to realize that things will never be the same again.

The Circle O  - COMING SOON

Blue Murphy is the cowboy who has everything except someone special in his life. The only man around to stay the night is his Texas Healer, Dave.  Everything changes when he meets spirited young Dusty, who just can't get enough of Blue but trying to assert his independence has disastrous effects for both of them. 

The Broken Lance - COMING SOON

Jacob Jackson returns back to his hometown after five years away from his family and his first love, Daniel Murphy. Is Jacob able to save his family ranch for the clutches of his stepfather and get the commitment he always needed from Daniel? 


Devin Tory (Tor) has a run down ranch and a ranch partner—his uncle Zebb— who has just died leaving his 51% share of the business to a distant relative. Hoping that the beneficiary, and city dweller Kim Jackson will take a backseat role in the business, Tor sticks his head in the sand once again and refuses to make the changes that the astute businessman suggests. When Kim comes to the ranch insisting that Tor teaches him the ropes, trouble is brewing. 

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