The Circle O

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Blue Murphy’s hard at work setting up his new stud ranch, The Circle O. On the surface, he appears to have it all; money, good looks, intelligence, and of course the ranch. However, under the surface there’s so much more to Blue. He lost his partner Gray ten years ago to a tragic drugs overdose. Since then, he’s spent his time sleeping around with as many guys as possible, despite knowing they’ll never fill the hole Gray left behind in his heart.  

Things look set to change when Dusty Jackson strides into his life. Dusty is ten years Blue’s junior, and is trouble with a capital T. It’s clear they’re attracted to each other, but the age difference and the fact that Dusty is mixed up in gambling and drugs makes Blue want to steer well clear. Is Blue ready to let another man into his life, much less one that could be headed down the same path as his previous partner?