The Lazy Y

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Devin Tory, known to his friends as Tor, is having a seriously tough time of it. He part owns a rundown ranch, and when his partner dies, leaving 51% of the business to a distant relative, things grow complicated. Tor hopes that the beneficiary, Kim Jackson, will stay in the city where he belongs and let Tor get on with doing what he does best—running a ranch. 

Kim’s not willing to let the struggling ranch collapse, and he tries to help out, offering his business advice to get things back on track. Tor ignores the advice, happily sticking his head in the sand and letting things pass him by. 

When Kim turns up at the ranch, though, Tor can no longer ignore him. Their differing opinions spark off a bunch of fights, and the fallout has Tor experiencing feelings he certainly hadn’t expected—sexual feelings. He’s never fallen for a guy before, and he’s not about to start now. His heart, however, will not be denied. But does Kim feel the same?